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The Totos project is concerning the children of Mathare Valley, we work hand in hand with 3 schools nearby the foundation and give them trainings in video and photo making. With the schools we have a partnership since several years and we offer them each week 1 hour of classtraining and also a practical fieldwork training. The schools we work with are Codman Academy, Mathare Community Outreach and Abundant Life Academy. Mixing the children of the 3 schools together in the practical part that has the positive effect of bonding the people from different corners and cultures in Mathare. The children learn from small on to coexist all together without any differences between race, tribe and background. The curriculum for the film and photography training is set up in 3 modules each one of 4 months duration. The basic trainings is introducing the kids in the world of film and photography, in the advanced training the children enable their skills. Camera handling, setups and compositional skills are the follow up. With a good mix of theories and practical skills they absolve a small examination afterwards to proceed to the last module called p called professional training. In this one they gain the skills that they need to do film-making and photography in a professional way

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Name Totos Project Date 05 Thu 2016 Categories Totos Project Author Tom Phillips
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