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Wendy De Macker

Wendy De Macker

Since 2003 I am connected to the community of the informal settlement Mathare in Nairobi. It is one of the most dynamic places I have ever been introduced to. Particularly I am impressed by the vibration and power among youth who eagerly want to better their lives. As a professional trainer and (family) counselor I work together with local organizations to implement training programs on counseling as part of their youth curriculum.With passion, I invest my time, money, expertise and energy in the aspect of social upgrading as part of uplifting individual lives, families, communities and their future generations.

I challenged myself since my studies in social work by topping off my education with a master’s degree on family counselling like Multi Systemic Therapy, Multi Dimensional Family Therapy and contextual therapy. I left my comfort zone by travelling through more than thirty countries and exposing myself as a trainer and counsellor in the Netherlands, India, Ghana and Kenya.

Next to my experience as a (family) counsellor I incorporated skills on leadership and policy development in variable work settings. I am convinced that teamwork determines the success of an organization. It creates ownership by challenging interpersonal themes next to group dynamics. This is effectuated by offering interventions as supervision and coaching on individual and group level.

Personal characteristics as being committed, directive, analytic and trustworthy contribute to a balanced and safe team spirit. This approach underlines my vision to lead people from one step behind.Mwelu Foundation gives me a chance to highlight and broadcast the existing talents of youth in Mathare to a wider audience embedded in a long term sustainable strategy.

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