Shaffi Abdi

Shaffi Abdi


Hello world, My name is Shaffi Abdi, but my friends call me Shaffi. I was Born in the Year 1993 feb 12th so that makes me 23 years now. I was born here and raised here in ‘Mathare Slum’ Nairobi. I’m half Kenyan Half Ethiopian, my dad was an ethiopian Soldier back then, this so i say since im an Orphan. Raised by my brother and Sister..

My Love for Art and Passion in Photography has grown over the years when i Joined the mwelu Foundation back in 2005.. And with the experience i have been able to archive has much proven that i can be able to do greater things, I believe i do… My Love and Passion has made me learn more than what i ever crossed through the small workshops in mwelu and went to the further corners of google, youtube and Network of friends throughought the entire world.

The love for this has made me share to even more teens growing in the same situation as i have grown in and i have been previlaged to set classes through 5 schools across the slum and teach them basic photography, editing Skills and Film Production as an added value as well.

Through Mwelu Foundation I have sat in the same Class with East Africa’s best photographers and worked with Big Companies like CANON, NIKON and as well as WorldPress-Photo in making my Career have a greener future.. To learn and explore,
My wolrd is Big, i need it smaller.. We need it smaller!!, and so are the many young creatives being trained in the organisation, the need to explore the world, to meet and be Inspired by even greater people.. To make distances between countries less of an Obstacle. To feel the yearn of learning new thibgs and be ambitious as possible.

Mwelu foundation is Hope and Future. Hone and Safe Haven to most of us. I am Here, I am Now!
Thanks for reading through….

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