Name: Abdi shaffi

Current position: Professional Fashion                                                                                     Photographer.

Abdi shaffi is still a senior member in the mwelu foundation and he continues to develop his photographic skills by starting a productioN company for the youths.

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Name: Rachael Ouko

Current position: Finance and Admin

Rachael is a finance student at Kenya College of Acountants, she is currently the finance and admin officer at the Mwelu Foundation.



Name: Benson Kamau

Current position: Director of photography.

Benso kamau was part of the mwelu foundation as the project coordinator,he currently has a production company and also works as a Director of photography in the Kenyan film industry.

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Name: Stephen Ochieng

Current position: Students Mentor.

Stephen Ochieng has just completed his high school level studies having score 60 points.He is all set to join the university,He currently assists students and pupils in the mwelu foundation resource center.



Name: Antony Mwelu

Current position: Professional Photographer.

As a senior member in the foundation,Antony mwelu continues to pass his skills to the school outreach program as a lead trainer,he also works as a professional photographer in fassion and corporate companies.

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Name: Antony trivet

Current position: Professional Photographer.

Antony trivet has moved on to become a household name in the Kenyan wedding and fashion photography industry,he is considered to be one of the best. As a senior member,he continues to pass his skills to the junior members at the foundation.

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Name: James Otieno

Current position: Professional Photographer.

Jame was the head of photography department in the mwelu foundation and currently works in Dubai as a professional photographer.

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Name: Julius mwelu

Current position: Professional Photographer.

Julius has been very practical in the welfare of the mwelu foundation,having being the founder,he continues to serve as a board member of the foundation.He was one of the 2012 Olympics torch bearer, an opportunity he got due to his exemplary work in the slum.He has since moved on to become a resident photographer at UN-Habitat in United Nations Offices In Nairobi {UNON}

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Name: Simon Onyango

Current position: Head of Film and Photography Department at Mwelu Foundation.

Simon Onyango is the current head of film and photography department. In his position,he is incharge of all projects related to films and photography in the mwelu foundation and plays a very important role in the success of the mwelu foundation.


Name: Alex Kamweru

Current position: Professional Photographer.

Alex kamweru served as the project coordinator of the mwelu foundation, in his previous position,he mentored and trained many senior members to become who they are today. He still mentors seior members in different capacities. He is currently a professional freelance photographer.

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Name: Leila dayan

Current position: Actress/Student.

Leila dayan is currently a second year student in Zetech university. She is also an actress in the Kenyan film industry.

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Name: Elijah mumo

Current position: Director of Photography.

Elijah mumo was the previous head of the film department at the mwelu foundation. He grew in this position and is currently the director of photography at dream catcher productions.

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Name: Joseph Kinyua

Current position: Head of School Outreach at the Mwelu Foundation

Before his appointment as the head of the school outreach program, Joseph was a lead trainer in the School outreach program, He now heads the department managing the day to day activities. He is a co-founder of show beat entertainment.

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Name: Alexander Thungu

Current position: Team Leader at the Mwelu Foundation

In his previous position, Alexander was the Head of School Outreach program and the Mwelu Foundation Resource Center. He now heads the Mwelu Foundation team as the Team leader.


Name: Mary Muthoni

Current position: Head of the Mwelu Foundation Resource Center.

Mary muthoni has been one of the school outreach life skills trainer. She continues to train the kids is currently the head of the Mwelu foundation Resource Center.


Name: Maxwell Odhiambo

Current position: professional Cameraman,Editor,Special Effects.

Maxwell odhiambo has been a lead trainer in the mwelu foundation school outreach program, he currently works as a consultant for the UN- habitat Participatory Slum Upgrading program{PSUP} in film editing and special effects.



Name: James Ekwam Chemose

Current position: professional photographer/photojournalist.

In his previous position,James was the head of the photography department in the mwelu foundation.

He was also a lead trainer in the Mwelu Foundation School Outreach Program. He currently works for Nation media group as a photographer and partly for Mwelu Foundation and Usanii Lab as a graphics and photography trainer.